NY & VT Bookkeeping Service Testimonials

I was first introduced to Cathy and CBH Business Services 12 years ago. During the past years they have done more and more work for me as my business has grown. There is no question that my finances are in order and all of my needs are met. We work in many states with 3 payrolls. I am completely satisfied with all aspects of the services provided with CBH.

Dave Hathaway

CBH Business Services has made it possible for me to concentrate on the aspects of business that I’m good at and enjoy doing. They’ve accomplished this by helping me better manage one of the most critical areas of business, finance. Like most small business owners, I wear many hats. Of all of the hats that must be worn, the financial hat consumed a disproportionate amount of my time. Tracking expenses, accounts receivable, payables and dealing with the myriad of forms required to conform to state and federal regulations was overwhelming and kept me from helping my customers with their needs. CBH helped me take control of finance, resulting in an improved bottom line for myself and that of my customers. I now have the tools I need to run more efficiently and to recognize problems before they run me over. My 17 year association with CBH has made me more productive and has significantly improved upon the level customer care I can provide. A winning combination that plays a big part in the continued success of our family of businesses.

Tim Streeter, Kyle Business Forms and Labels Sirkom Visualized IT Solutions

CBH Business Services, Inc.

CBH Business Services, Inc.